Sound Bite Celebrity

Posted by on May 14, 2010 in Hot Topics | 1 comment

In this Twitter era, political leaders are increasingly relying on sound bites to communicate to the masses and position themselves in the mind of the public.  The current undisputed Queen of the Sound Bite is Sarah Palin, who seems to make news daily with her pronouncements about candidates for office and the state of affairs in America.  Since her “coming out party” at the Republican National Convention in 2008, Palin has worked hard to transform herself from a capable but run-of-the-mill speaker into a public figure whose opinions seem to matter–at least to her faithful flock and to media, who follow her like panting teens chasing the Jonas Brothers.  Palin may not have graduated at the top of her class from a renowned academic institution, but she is street smart and clever enough to know that well-spoken sound bites are candy to reporters eager for headlines and ardent followers who have bought into her rogue image.  In short, she’s mastered the art of sound bite celebrity and will continue uttering pungent one-liners as long as they keep her in the media spotlight.

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