Selling to Major Accounts

Selling to Major Accounts is a book of practical tools, techniques, and solutions for sales managers, strategic account managers, and anyone else who manages key customer relationships.  Today, the discipline of strategic account management (SAM)  is well established and is pervasive in the business world.  When I wrote this book in 1998, however, many companies were new to SAM, and I wrote this book as a primer for people and companies that were implementing a SAM program or searching for ways to build stronger relationships with their most important customers.

[From the book jacket]  Surveys show that two-thirds of companies are reducing the number of suppliers they use, and more than half are moving toward single-source relationships.  That means that everyone involved in the selling process–account managers, sales and marketing professionals, even top executives–has to invest more time and more resources into effectively managing these lucrative key accounts.

Key account management is a sophisticated process that demands navigating through multinational companies with multiple product lines, complex purchasing policies, and far-flung locations.  In addition, it requires highly effective communication and coordination across internal business, product, and functional lines.  That’s a tall order, but one that can be successfully achieved with the powerful tools and techniques provided in Selling to Major Accounts.

With its hands-on, practical focus, this book shows you how to develop and implement a winning account strategy, including how to:

  • Discover what kind of relationship you have with customers:  vendor, preferred supplier, partner, or strategic ally.
  • Classify your customers and prospects, pinpointing those with the potential to become important strategic accounts.
  • Put together a dynamic and responsive account team.
  • Analyze your customer, your competitors, and your own position–including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
  • Develop an account strategy, complete with objectives and action plans.
  • Build and sustain the elements of trust that are vital to strong customer relationships.
  • Manage the flow of information to and from your customers.
  • Replace customer satisfaction with a new standard:  customer delight.

Selling to Major Accounts is packed with original account management tools.  You get an account classification matrix to determine which of your accounts is strategic; a “Four Pillars of Position” tool for analyzing competitors; and a “Relationship Life Cycle” tool for analyzing your position and developing your strategy.

Author(s): Terry R. Bacon
# of pages: 322
Publication date: 1999
Publisher: AMACOM Books
Available at:
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Reviews & Comments: In major account selling a sure recipe for failure is selling harder.  Success comes from selling smarter.  These thoughtful ideas will help salespeople and their managers move from “business as usual” to a more strategic and more effective approach.  –Neil Rackham, Chairman of Huthwaite, Inc. and author of Spin© Selling.You have found the principles, procedures, and tools of this book to pay dividends—but it is the book’s core concept of “customer delight” that inspires us to delight our customers.  –William Spuck, Ph.D., Manager, Defense and Civil Programs, Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

It’s great to finally have all the “Best Practices” for strategic accounts in one place!  This is a powerful “how-to” book for sales managers who want to build and sustain major league sales performance.  –Lynette Demarest, Chief Executive Officer, Demarest & Associates.

Selling to Major Accounts is must reading for anyone who needs a proven method for answering the questions that are difficult but essential fur successful business development.  Bacon’s system works for sales teams that will commit themselves to following through on these fundamentals.  –Jay Kraker, Manager Director, Kraker & Company, Inc.


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